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No.1 Rated Portable Electric Car Jack Kit™

Built in air inflating jack: This car jack is necessary for every car.With this tool set in your trunk, you can replace the tire easily by yourself,no worry for long trip any more .


I bought for my SUV in case of a flat. Rated at 5 ton. Yup it lifted effortlessly, both the jack and wrench work as described. Very pleased with my purchase.

This jack is a featherweight compared to the floor jack I have been using. I use it to set my load leveler bars on my trailer hitch rig. It works great. I have had zero problems so far. I will amend this review as I use it more.

I purchased this tool for my wife's Honda Odyssey. Yes I have AAA service, and tires are in good shape but if you ever needed to change your tire while on the Freeway, you want to get the job done as quickly as possible. This device automates some of the hard work.

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